This resources page will provide you with dates and locations for current and upcoming oral cancer-related events. They include lectures and seminars, continuing education courses for doctors and other healthcare professionals, manufacturer’s courses, trade shows at which there is a speaker on oral cancer, cancer screening events, public participation events such as walks, and air dates for TV and radio media events. In order to view upcoming current events click the calendar below. Coming Soon

Adding your screening event to the calendar

You can add your screening event to the OCF website events calendar. Please fill out the form completely, and it will be sent to OCF for approval. Once the foundation approves, your event will reside here on our website. The interface allows you to spread the word about your event through social media sites like Facebook and email the completed event page with maps and other features directly to others through a simple mouse click or email. Suppose you are a private practice seeing patients for a screening afternoon in your office. In that case, the interface allows you to set a limit on the number of people that can register for the screening, and it will connect the patient and the office directly through an RSVP interface.

We hope that this ability to expose the visitors to our site to as many oral cancer-related events as possible yields greater awareness reveals educational possibilities to more medical and dental professionals, and allows the public to locate more screening events that ultimately will find the disease at the earliest possible time.

Please note, OCF reserves the right to edit the content of any event submitted for any reason or elect to not add the event to our calendar. Events will usually be posted within two business days of their receipt.

Oral, Head & Neck Cancer Screening Month Events

A national cooperative effort is being undertaken by multiple foundations, charities, teaching institutions, treatment facilities, and private dental and medical offices  to raise oral, head and neck cancer awareness. We urge you to partner with the foundation to sponsor a screening day, work with us on an awareness raising walk / run event, or conduct educational seminars for professionals or the public in your area. Please fee free to contact the foundation with questions or ideas on how to do these things successfully. (949) 723-4400 (Mountain Time)

Learn more about April Oral Cancer Awareness Month




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