Scientific articles in their original forms for those that wish to further explore the evolution of our knowledge about HPV and oral cancers

2000 -2003

2004 -2007

2008 -2011

2012 – 2014


Audio FIles

Audio file of Dr. Gillison explaining the impact of the October 2011 research on the rise of HPV in oral cancers.

Play Dr. Gillison Rise in HPV Sound

Audio file Prevalence of Oral HPV Infection Higher Among Men Than Women Play Dr. Gillison HPV Infection Higher In Men Sound

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•••If you are a doctor that wishes to have tissue samples tested for HPV, or a patient that wishes to provide information to your doctor on where this can be done with accuracy; OCF recommends that you have the testing done by Johns Hopkins Medical Laboratories. They have a great deal of expertise and experience.

The directions on how to contact them or where to send samples to are located at this link.