On this page you will find documents and forms that will help you have a successful screening event, allow you to keep appropriate records, provide information to any other doctors or institutions you refer a patient to for second opinion and/or biopsy, and release your practice from liabilities when dealing with the public.

When you have listed your screening event on the OCF event calendar, it will trigger in March a mailing to you of materials to assist you on your screening day. This package will include; waiting room brochures about oral cancer, covering the risk factors for and the early signs and symptoms of the disease, and “Make Oral Cancer History” wrist bands and buttons for your staff to wear on the day of the screening. In addition to these materials, you will need appropriate forms on this page to have your event. Please download them, and print them as necessary at your office.

Getting your event and practice noticed, and assuring good attendance

Sample invitation letter to patients and others

This letter can be adapted to emails and to snail mail letters to people you wish to invite to your event. Think of it as a starting point that you will add your own ideas too.

Sample press release about oral cancer and your screening event

This press release assures that the facts regarding oral cancer that your office puts out are the most current ideas and statistics we know in early 2019. It should be modified to include unique ideas about your practice, and what brings you to this partnership with OCF, and if you use any ancillary devices or techniques that you wish to mention etc.

The most successful screening events from April 2023, had some great ideas on promoting their events which are incorporated in this document. Start by using the tools on your custom event page that is on the OCF calendar. Those tools allow you to email a content-rich document to anyone which will include maps to your office, and links to your web site in the content, and have all of your staff include a note about it easily with one click on your office and their personal Facebook pages. A little time spent putting your event page out into the web world will pay big dividends on screening day. The most successful offices reached out to important people in their communities, inviting them to come on the event day for a free screening. From the mayor to the fire chief, your community is full of individuals who will tell others, by their attendance promote the visibility of your practice and what you are giving back to your community.

Appropriate understanding between you and those you screen

This form which OCF uses at its many public screening events, states several important points in plain English. Each person who is not a current member of your patient population should sign it before being screened. It makes clear that no screening technology or technique, from a CT scan to a simple visual and tactile exam like you will be providing, can be guaranteed of being 100% infallible or accurate. That seeing you at the event does not constitute a guarantee of a continuing relationship with you, nor a promise of treatment should something be found.

When suspect tissue or other conditions are found that warrant a second opinion or biopsy, this is the form to send along with the patient.

To ensure that your entire office staff knows the most current information about oral cancers should questions arise, this is a simple bullet point facts sheet about the disease today. It also can be the basis of talking points should you be interviewed by any media people related to your event.

Use this flyer to promote your free screening event. Ask local businesses if you can place it in their front window or display board with other local events.