Many people over the years have joined OCF in our fight against Oral Cancer, but we now have a partner quite literally fighting for Oral Cancer Awareness –Gregory Copeland is using his passion of boxing to help raise fund, a New York lawyer and avid boxing spectator, actually started boxing as a means to find an exercise program that mirrored this passion, but after a trip to Cuba last November his boxing endeavors took a turn that removed him from the realm of just spectator and exercise hobbyist. He was enamored with the sports’ trainers and their trainees and decided that he wanted to take his skills to the next level… it was time to compete.

Copeland knew of Haymakers For Hope, a Northeast-based charity group that hosts boxing events, and decided to take his stepped up hobby and passion into a new direction with his friend Peter Hoffman in his corner. Copeland started his donation campaign through social media with using hashtags like #ifightforpete and #kocancer, which has actually increased awareness and donations for the foundation. He also designed an amazing shirt with Peter’s face on it–front and center. Copeland has made it his goal to get everyone he knows, and even those he knows only from social media to wear Pete’s shirt, take a picture, and post it to their social media, all with raising Oral Cancer awareness in mind.

At the Oral Cancer Foundation, this is yet another example of an amazing intersection between creativity and our community uniting for change. The Foundation has witnessed many people raise awareness in ways that can only be described as inspiring and motivating, and OCF is so thankful. We have been fortunate enough to benefit from ingenious fundraising ideas– ideas like a bachelor auctions, hiking through the Appalachian Mountains, an adorable ballet recital, and beyond amazing concerts performed by incredibly talented musicians—and now Greggory Copeland has brought a powerful, new method of awareness-raising, bringing it into the boxing ring.

At OCF, we see those diagnosed with oral cancer fight every day, a fight that can bruise and leave scars. With more similarities than many realize, boxing and fighting cancer see some of the same battle wounds, and they both take determination, strategy, and teamwork. Whether it be treatments or training; it is hard work, but in the end, we hope both have the same outcome—ringing the bell, a bell that signifies, strength, perseverance, completion, and hopefully a clean bill of health. We wish to thank Gregory for his example, for his desire to help a cause and a foundation that are not in the forefront of American’s minds; and for inspiring others to find creative ways to make a difference in the world. #oralcancerfoundaton #oralcancer #haymakersforhope

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