In keeping with our family values of “only taking what one needs, giving back more than you take” this year Jace will be racing to raise awareness and funds for the Oral Cancer Foundation.

Last years sponsors were so generous, we find Jace this year has no needs of any kind.  For that, we thank you all so much.

We wanted to do something to give back.  As a family, we decided the Oral Cancer Foundation represents a cancer that gets little recognition, yet is one of the most debilitating and sometimes disfiguring cancers to exist.

Our family has a close connection to the OCF.  Jace’s father was diagnosed with Stage III throat cancer 11 years ago.  With spread to the lymph nodes in the neck, he was given a 50% chance of survival 5 years out.

There are times it has been grueling.  Many side affects come with an oral cancer diagnosis. Were it not for entities such as the Oral Cancer Foundation, which works hard to bring research, awareness and action to Head & Neck Cancers, it is no doubt the improvements to treatments, information and awareness of Oral Cancers would not be where it is today, but we still have much to do.

We would like to ask you, Jace’s fans and sponsors, if you desire, consider supporting a worthy cause. 100% of donations will go to The Oral Cancer Foundation.