The Oral Cancer Foundation has recorded another podcast which is now available for listening. This interview is with someone well known to many here on Facebook, and within the dental industry and RDH communities, Ms. Jo-Anne Jones RDH.

As a successful entrepreneur and international, award winning speaker, Jo-Anne has a career that has spanned over four decades as a dental hygienist with the last 20 years dedicated to education and speaking. Jo-Anne has been selected as one of DPR’s Top 25 Women in Dentistry and joins the 2020 Dentistry Today CE Leaders for the 10th consecutive year.

In the midst of preparing to present her extensive research on HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer to her national association, Jo-Anne’s family were dealt a crushing blow of having a family member diagnosed with late stage HPV-positive tonsillar cancer. Jo-Anne proudly partners with the Oral Cancer Foundation in conveying the urgent need for changing the way in which we screen for oral cancer to meet the needs of today’s population. Her frank and open style of lecturing complemented by the provision of clinical resources has earned many loyal followers.

She speaks a great deal to the HPV virus and the importance of screening for early detection. We’re sure that you will find it interesting and informative, we were pleased to have her join us for this interview.