How can your organization participate?

While funded mainly by private individuals heavily represented by those who have been impacted by this disease (more than 98% in recent years), Corporate Sponsorship of OCF represents the foundation’s best chance for making the next great leap in public awareness and early detection of this disease, as the corporate ability to give in numbers that exceed that of a private individual is significant. This so far unrealized source of funding our missions is the avenue most likely to immediately reduce the high morbidity associated with late-stage finds of oral cancer and their treatments and impact the annual death rate from oral cancer in the US.

Most of the necessary efforts, such as retraining medical and dental professionals in detection via visual and print educational materials, public awareness TV announcements, print media advertising, free public screenings, nationally distributed dental and medical office patient brochures, and efforts to reach under served poor and inner city populations etc., are many times only possible for the foundation when we partner with major donors or corporate sponsors to effect them.

OCF is aggressively seeking benevolent corporate sponsors for various initiatives, some of which we have outlined here. We offer many opportunities to our corporate sponsors, including logo showcases on our web site, corporate presence at trade shows at which the Oral Cancer Foundation is exhibiting, logo presence on marketing materials and the web site acknowledging the support, speaker opportunities that help patients in their journey, and more. We encourage you to contact the foundation for more information about corporate sponsor benefits. In addition to encouraging general financial support and corporate partnerships, the Oral Cancer Foundation is currently seeking sponsors for the following programs:

  • Trade Show Booth Sponsorship (exposure to large groups of dentists, doctors, and healthcare specialists depending on venue)
  • Web Site Development (potential for showcase exposure in some areas)
  • Patient Education Brochures (exposure in dental and medical office waiting rooms, at screening events, and at patient treatment facilities). This does not constitute an agreement to discuss any company’s product in an educational brochure
  • Public Awareness Initiatives (print and other media public information advertising in magazines, newspapers, and web-based vehicles)
  • Free Public Screening Events (see past events section for complete details about events as examples. Large exposure to the public in specific geographic areas)
  • Donations of Consumable Materials and Equipment (necessary to conduct OCF’s screening programs, as above, recognition and visibility to large groups of geographically specific people via banners, a press release of events, and more)
  • Co-Sponsorship of Celebrity Events (visibility at high-profile events such as our upcoming Bruce Paltrow Memorial fundraising dinners and receptions)
  • Sponsorship of Patient Education materials, such as an upcoming OCF production of “Complications of Treatment; A guide for understanding and coping.” These will be circulated to treating institutions across the US for patient distribution. Corporate sponsorship and logo identity placement on the collateral materials will be made. These opportunities to showcase a company are always in a noncommercial manner

There are also opportunities to have your company associated with the OCF web site. (The foundation reserves the right to approve the appropriateness of products or services that are related to any firm and which would be of benefit to patients, family members, or caregivers. While the foundation makes this visibility possible, it will not constitute an endorsement from the foundation of any product or service.). The OCF web site routinely receives over 35 million hits per month (winter 2016 numbers). This is a unique opportunity to associate your firm with an award-winning national non-profit entity and to take your place with those trying to better the lives of those with this disease and one day brings oral cancer down from its high ranking as a killer.

  • 2022 Disclosure: While OCF has been privileged to receive some minor funding from the pharmaceutical industry, in no way has that funding been associated with advocacy for any product, device, or drug. Its governance policies prohibit OCF from any endorsements in trade for financial support. These donations in no way create an advocacy position between OCF and any particular company’s services or products. Pharma industry support accounts for less than 5% of OCF’s total income since its inception. OCF employs no full or part-time fundraising professionals.

Please contact Brian Hill at the foundation for more information.