911 4 HNC means “Help for Head and Neck Cancer.” This is a unique fund dedicated to granting financial aid directly to patients who have or had head and neck cancer (HNC).


The 9114HNC Fund grants money directly to HNC patients in financial need. The main priorities are to respond to as many applicants as possible and to raise awareness of the critical needs of people with HNC. Many of these cancers are vaccine preventable. Another goal is to educate the public to this fact.


Any HNC patient needing financial aid in the Greater Washington, D.C., area can go to the 9114HNC website and download the application. The application must be submitted with the help of a health care professional. Currently, 9114HNC is limited to applicants of he Washington D.C. area, but 9114HNC encourages other localities to produce Courage Unmasked events so applicants for financial aid can be helped nationwide. Please contact 9114HNC for more information.

American Cancer Society

The national American Cancer Society (ACS) office can provide the telephone number of the local ACS office serving your area. The local ACS office MAY offer reimbursement or other resources for expenses related to cancer treatment including transportation, medicine, and medical supplies. Please note that services are different depending on where you are geographically, and which chapter of ACS you are working with. The ACS also offers programs that help cancer patients, family members, and friends cope with the emotional challenges they face. Some publications are available in Spanish. Spanish-speaking staff is available.

Our recommendation is that you contact your local ACS regarding what is actually available in your area for a complete understanding.

Benefits Check Up

BenefitsCheckUp is free service of the National Council on Aging (NCOA), a nonprofit service and advocacy organization in Washington, DC. Many adults over 55 need help paying for prescription drugs, health care, utilities, and other basic needs. There are over 2,000 federal, state and private benefits programs available to help. But many people don’t know these programs exist or how they can apply.

BenefitsCheckUp asks a series of questions to help identify benefits that could save you money and cover the costs of everyday expenses.

The Brenda Mehling Cancer Fund (BMCF)

Supports patients ages 18-40 as they undergo cancer treatment. It provides services to meet daily needs that are not covered by insurance. Typical grants cover $500 worth of medical co-payments, rent and mortgage, transportation, car insurance, repairs, and groceries. Since Brenda founded it in 2001, the Fund has provided $280,888 in services for 406 young adults across 30 different states. She built it for young adults her age to maintain self-respect during months of treatment and minimize the stress of associated financial challenges. Even though she is no longer with us, we are working to fulfill Brenda’s vision of a nationwide support organization that helps young adults fight – and beat – the disease.

Bringing Hope Home

Keeping hope alive for families battling cancer in the Greater Philadelphia Area through emotional and financial support. Through the Light of Hope Family Grant Program, we directly pay household bills to alleviate the financial stress that cancer brings, so that families can focus on their loved one rather than the bills that are piling up.  This ensures that families are able to stay: in their home, with the utilities on, and food on the table. The Light of Hope Family Grant Program is a one-time grant that helps families of any age, gender, race and cancer type. As long as you live in our geographic area and are currently in active treatment for cancer, we want to help!

Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition

The Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition (CFAC) is a coalition of organizations that help cancer patients manage their financial challenges by educating them about existing resources. Patients or health care providers can search the CFAC database for organizations that help with specific cancer diagnoses or that provide a specific type of assistance or need. CFAC is a coalition of organizations and cannot respond to individual requests for financial assistance via e-mail or telephone. Financial Assistance Type:  Cancer Treatment (includes side effects, late effects), Children/Young Adults, Health Insurance/Co-Payments, Lodging (during treatment), Medication, Practical Needs (mortgage, rent, food, transportation)

CancerCare Co-Payment Assistance Foundation

CancerCare provides grants to help cancer patients cover the cost of cancer treatment expenses, but they also provide financial aid to help patients pay for the additional childcare or home care expenses incurred during therapy. Call 1-800-813-HOPE for a financial assistance application.

The CancerCare Co-Payment Assistance Foundation was established to address the needs of individuals who cannot afford their insurance co-payments to cover the cost of medications for treating cancer. Specifically, the Foundation assists patients who have been prescribed an oral or intravenous medication (chemotherapy), but are unable to afford the out-of-pocket costs or co-payment responsibility required by the insurer or Medicare. The amount of assistance that people receive depends on factors such as income, amount of funding available, insurance coverage, and the actual co-payments that will be incurred within 1 year. The types of cancer and the medications covered by the Foundation change; for the latest information on available funding contact the Foundation or visit the Web site below.

Cancer Hope Network

You can talk to someone who has been there. Cancer Hope Network (CHN) provides free, confidential, one-on-one support to cancer patients and their families. CHN matches people diagnosed with a trained volunteer cancer survivor who had a similar cancer experience and got through it. Their sole mission is to give you hope and to let you know that there is life after a diagnosis.

Cancer Survivors’ Fund

Cancer Survivors’ Fund envisions reaching every young cancer survivor who is actively seeking a scholarship and/or financial assistance to obtain prosthetics needing our help to continue their education for personal growth and better, brighter future. Cancer Survivors’ Fund provides scholarships for young cancer survivors give them a new purpose and meaning in life and enable them to continue their college education. Cancer Survivors’ Fund provides prosthetic limbs to disadvantaged young adults. Cancer Survivors’ Fund counsels, provides emotional support, and motivates young cancer survivors and channel their thoughts and dreams to a healthy and productive future. Cancer Survivors’ Fund supports young survivors to become volunteers themselves, give others courage and hope to develop a strong willpower to continue their fight with cancer. Cancer Survivors’ Fund supports young survivors to become volunteers themselves, give others courage and hope to develop a strong willpower to continue their fight with cancer. Cancer Survivors’ Fund supports efforts to save lives through cancer research to find more effective treatments and the cure – to win the fight against cancer.

Caring Voice Coalition

Caring Voice Coalition seeks to empower our patients to meet these challenges through comprehensive, effective programs and a knowledgeable, caring staff. They value their reputation as a responsible, responsive organization with a unique, holistic approach to improving the lives of their patients. The purpose of the National Patient Travel Center is “…..to ensure that no financially-needy patient is denied access to distant specialized medical evaluation, diagnosis or treatment for lack of a means of long-distance medical air transportation.”

The C.H.A.I.N. Fund Inc.

Who Are We? The C.H.A.I.N. Fund, Inc. is Financial Assistance and a Social Intervention Network for Cancer Patients. It was established in the heart of New Haven, CT., and we’ve aided the less fortunate for 10 years now. Many of those we helped were able to get back on their feet and start their lives a new.
What We Do! We Financially Assist Cancer Patients that are undergoing strenuous cancer treatments, which temporarily prevents them from working. The Chain fund assist Cancer Patients in areas such as mortgage, rent, utilities, prescriptions co-pays, insurance co-pays, & special food needs. We also make available, support services such as financial counseling, nutritional, emotional and wellness workshops and support groups.

Corporate Angel Network

Corporate Angel Network helps to ease the emotional stress, physical discomfort and financial burden of travel for cancer patients by arranging free flights to treatment centers, using the empty seats on corporate aircraft flying on routine business. Eligibility to participate in our program is open to all cancer patients, bone marrow donors, and bone marrow recipients who are ambulatory and not in need of medical support while traveling and is not based on financial need.

Fertile Hope

Fertile Hope is a LIVESTRONG initiative dedicated to providing reproductive information, support and hope to cancer patients and survivors whose medical treatments present the risk of infertility. If you have fertility-related questions or would like more information related to the Sharing Hope financial assistance program, call toll-free 855.220.7777, or complete an online intake form for the LIVESTRONG Navigation Services program.

Foundation for Health Coverage Education

The mission of Foundation for Health Coverage Education is to simplify public and private health insurance eligibility information in order to help more people to access coverage.
They aim to centralize the distribution of information and eligibility requirements, encouraging more people to enroll, thereby lowering the ranks of the uninsured.

Government Benefits

GovBenefits.gov is the official benefits Web site of the U.S. Government, with information on over 1,000 benefit and assistance programs. The Web site is designed to help users find Government benefit and assistance programs for which they may be eligible. The Web site features diverse benefit programs such as disability and financial assistance, insurance, and healthcare/living assistance. Users may complete an eligibility pre-screening questionnaire on the Web site that identifies Government benefits for which they may be eligible, along with information on how the user can apply.

Healthwell Foundation

The HealthWell Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 2003 that is committed to addressing the needs of individuals with insurance who cannot afford their copayments, coinsurance and premiums for important medical treatments. Their vision is to ensure that no patient goes without health care because they cannot afford it.  As patients are required to pay a larger share of health care costs each year, even many individuals with insurance find health care unaffordable. These patients face challenges affording the treatments they need to fight chronic and life-altering medical conditions. The HealthWell Foundation was established to address and help alleviate this problem.

Hill-Burton Hospital Program

Hospitals that receive construction funds from the federal government must provide some services to cancer patients who can’t afford to pay for their care. Approximately 300 hospitals take part in this program. Call 1-800-638-0742 to find a participating hospital in your area.

I’m Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation

Stupid Cancer is a non-profit organization that empowers young adults affected by cancer through innovative and award-winning programs and services. We are the nation’s largest support community for this underserved population and serve as a bullhorn for the young adult cancer movement. Our charter is to ensure that no one goes unaware of the age-appropriate support resources they are entitled to so they can get busy living.
Young adults, a largely unknown group in the war on cancer, account for 72,000 new diagnosis each year. That’s one every eight minutes. It’s also seven times more than all pediatric cancers combined. This is not OK!

Joe’s House

Joe’s House is an online nationwide service that helps cancer patients and their families find lodging near treatment centers. Joe’s House offers over 2,000 lodging facilities, including individual homes, hospitality houses, other nonprofit housing such as Ronald McDonald Houses and Hope Lodges, apartments, hotels, hostels, and more. You may search on the Web site to locate lodging by selecting a state, then selecting a city or healthcare facility. Information on each lodging facility is available, including complete contact information, amenities, rates, reservation methods, and requirements.

MEDBANK of Maryland, Inc.

MEDBANK is a non-profit organization dedicated to accessing free prescription drugs for low-income, chronically ill Marylanders.


(Medical Assistance) a jointly funded, Federal-State health insurance program for people who need financial assistance for medical expenses, is coordinated by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). At a minimum, states must provide home care services to people who receive Federal income assistance such as Social Security Income and Aid to Families with Dependent Children. Medicaid coverage includes part-time nursing, home care aide services, and medical supplies and equipment. Information about coverage is available from local state welfare offices, state health departments, state social services agencies, or the state Medicaid office. Check the local telephone directory for the number to call. Information about specific state locations is also available on the CMS Web site. Spanish-speaking staff are available in some offices.


Medicare is a Federal health insurance program also administered by HCFA. Eligible individuals include those who are 65 or older, people of any age with permanent kidney failure, and disabled people under age 65. Medicare may offer reimbursement for some home care services. Cancer patients who qualify for Medicare may also be eligible for coverage of hospice services if they are accepted into a Medicare-certified hospice program. To receive information on eligibility, explanations of coverage, and related publications, call Medicare at the number listed below or visit their Web site. Some publications are available in Spanish.

  • www.medicare.gov
  • 1–800–MEDICARE (1–800–633–4227)
  • TTY (for deaf and hard of hearing callers): 1–877–486–2048

The Medicine Program

The Medicine Program is a patient advocacy organization helping individuals and families all across America get access to up to 2,500 prescription medications available today for free or nearly free of charge through Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs).
Patient Assistance Programs have already helped millions of Americans afford their prescription medicine. We at TheMedicineProgram.com help eligible patients navigate through almost 450 programs in order to make the process simple, effective and efficient

National Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses

The National Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses, Inc. (NAHHH) is an association of more than 150 nonprofit organizations located throughout the United States that provide family-centered lodging and support services to families and their loved ones who are receiving medical treatment far from their home communities. To encourage the development and growth of these homes, the NAHHH offers its membership educational opportunities, serves as a network for information exchange, and provides basic assistance to groups interested in creating similar programs. NAHHH promotes and assists not-for-profit programs that provide lodging and supportive services in a caring environment for families receiving medical care away from home.

National Cancer Coalition

The mission of The National Cancer Coalition (NCC) is to meet the unfilled needs of patients and their families impacted by cancer and other serious diseases, no matter where in the world they live.  Through a network of strategic alliances and partnerships, NCC’s programs improve the quality of life of patients with cancer and other serious diseases around the world.  NCC also works to reduce the incidence of cancer by distributing cancer education and prevention information, thereby empowering individuals to make better choices regarding health and wellness.

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS)

NCCS advocates for quality cancer care for all people touched by cancer and provides tools that empower people to advocate for themselves.  Founded by and for cancer survivors, NCCS created the widely accepted definition of survivorship and defines someone as a cancer survivor from the time of diagnosis and for the balance of life.
NCCS represents the millions of Americans who share a common experience – the survivorship experience – living with, through and beyond a cancer diagnosis. That experience has value and can be a transforming, positive force. NCCS also knows that cancer survivors and those who care for them face many challenges.

National Patient Travel Center

This organization runs a free 24-hour hotline to refer patients to the most appropriate charitable air travel program. Referrals include deep discount airline tickets, volunteer pilot organizations, and air ambulance programs.
The National Patient Travel HELPLINE provides information about all forms of charitable, long-distance medical air transportation and provides referrals to all appropriate sources of help available in the national charitable medical air transportation network.

Native American Cancer Research

Native American Cancer Research’s mission is to develop and test primary, secondary and tertiary interventions and influence the early adoption of prevention and control of cancer including: risk reduction, screening (early detection), education, training control, treatment, support or study of cancer and cancer-related issues among Native Americans. NACR does this through conducting and promoting research, education and training in those areas. Thus, NACR’s mission is to reduce cancer incidence and increase survival among American Indians and Alaska Natives (AIAN).

Needy Meds

NeedyMeds is a 501(c)(3) non-profit information resource devoted to helping people in need find assistance programs to help them afford their medications and costs related to health care. The mission of NeedyMeds is to make information about assistance programs available to low-income patients and their advocates at no cost. The NeedyMeds website is the face of the organization

PAF Co-Pay Relief (CPR)

Provides direct financial assistance to qualified patients, assisting them with prescription drug co-payments their insurance requires. The program offers personal service to all patients through the use of CPR call counselors. The call counselor works directly with the patient as well as with the provider of care to obtain necessary medical, insurance and income information to advance the application in an expeditious manner. Upon approval, payments are made: to the doctor, to the pharmacy, to the patient directly.

  • 866-512-3861

Patient Access Network Foundation

The Patient Access Network Foundation provides financial support for out-of-pocket costs associated with a wide range of drugs, to treat a number of conditions. PAN Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) organization that offers help and hope to people with chronic or life-threatening illnesses for whom cost limits access to breakthrough medical treatments. Approximately 90 cents of every dollar donated to PAN goes directly to our patients. Since 2004, PAN has awarded hundreds of millions of dollars in assistance to patients in need. Our operational excellence ensures quick access to treatment and supports patients’ continuity of care.

Patient Advocate Foundation Co-Pay Relief

If your hospital doesn’t have a patient advocate program, you can find similar services through this non-profit organization. This is one of the few resources where insured cancer patients can get financial help to relieve their co-pay burden. Call them toll-free at 1-866-512-3861.

Patient Services Incorporated

Patient Services Incorporated (PSI) is a non-profit organization primarily dedicated to providing health insurance premium assistance, pharmacy co-payment assistance and co-payment waiver assistance for persons with specific expensive chronic illnesses. Patient Services continues to provide peace of mind to patients living with specific chronic illnesses by: locating health insurance in all 50 states, subsidizing the cost of health insurance premiums, providing pharmacy and treatment co-payment assistance, assisting with Medicare Part D Co-insurance, and helping with advocacy for Social Security Disability.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance

The Partnership for Prescription Assistance helps qualifying patients without prescription drug coverage get the medicines they need through the program that is right for them. Many will get their medications free or nearly free.
The Partnership for Prescription Assistance will help you find the program that’s right for you, free of charge. Remember, you will never be asked for money by a PPA Call Center representative, or on this Web site.

Rise Above it (youth, young adult)

Rise Above It (RAI) creates an immediate positive impact on the lives of adolescents and young adults affected by cancer. The number of young adult cancer patients is growing at an alarming rate. Each year, nearly 70,000 adolescents and young adults, ages 15 to 39, are diagnosed with cancer. In contrast to patients both younger and older, survival rates for young adults have not improved since the early 1970s. Rise Above It (RAI) exists to help change this disturbing trend.

RX Assist

Patient assistance programs are run by pharmaceutical companies to provide free medications to people who cannot afford to buy their medicine. RxAssist offers a comprehensive database of these patient assistance programs, as well as practical tools, news and articles so that health care professionals and patients can find the information they need. All in one place.

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